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What is your Shipping Policy?

What is your Return Policy?

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Would you still support a girl go to school if we cancel or make a return?

What is your Exchange Policy

What is your Privacy Policy?

What payment methods do you accept?

I have lost a piece, how can I get a replacement?

Questions about our Products

Wait a minute, what is a quiet book?

Where do you guys make these awesome books?

Are the books handmade?

What materials are used in the books?

Questions about our Impact

Are you a not-for-profit organization?

What impact are you making?

Why don't these girls have access to education?

How does my contribution work?

Can I make a donation?

Why don't you follow the typical one-for-one model and give one book for one book bought?

Do these girls really need help?

Can you really end poverty?

Early Childhood Education

Where can we get more information?

Why should we listen to you?

Product Care

My child made the book dirty! How do I clean my book?