The Superthings Cognitive Quiet Book


Limited Quantity as books are all made with great detail by the loving hands of our Artisans 

• Made of high-quality cotton blend and OEKO-TEX® felt fabric
• Handmade and Heirloom quality - 100% sewn cloth book (no glue) 
• Lightweight & portable
• Creative play and practical skills
• Problem solving, basic numeracy, and color matching
• Each book sold sends a girl to school in need

Our busy books empower little ones by helping them practice real-life skills easily translated to real life! Each book contains sensory, literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, and basic math while opening a world of creative play.

Practical skills are frustration-free and fun when your little one practices using our super smart button on an elasticated cord, making it easier for little hands to manipulate. Or perhaps they will try threading the dinosaur to practice those fine motor skills and dexterity, eventually translated to tying shoelaces, doing up their zippers, or snap fasteners. They will be brimming with pride that they can do it themselves!

Does your little one love to pretend to be a superhero, super-animal (is that a word?!), or a dinosaur? Our book brings all of their exciting imaginary characters to life! They can even choose from an entire superhero closet. They will be creating fun worlds of imaginative play, keeping them occupied for hours!

This book is sure to please your little explorer! On the front page are a super girl and a boy. The buildings are pullable, too – ask your little to pull the tall or small building. Open up the book to discover super cute superhero animals in a color match activity. Each superhero animal is also a finger puppet, which can bring joy and fun in free play or as an adorable story aid! The wheels are removable and are a great aid in making numbers and letters. Have your little one pull the zipper cloud and even hide things in the pocket for your little one to discover.

Turn the page to a super cute prehistoric world with all the dinosaur favorites! Have your little one practice threading across the dinosaur's back and tying the ends into a knot. Then pull open the dinosaur to discover a whole range of superhero costumes for your little superhero to discover.

Have your little one turn to the next page to be engrossed in another super fun world with an incredible racetrack with a car that your doll can fit in! Ask your little one to flex their fine motor skills to move the button through the obstacle course: through the maze under the snap fastener, through the tying activity, in between the bumpers, and to the trophy!

Quick, look there, there is a fire in the building and a little boy is stuck. Have your superhero heroically save him by rescuing the boy and bringing him to safety. But, wait, who will put out the fire?? Get your firefighter into the included firetruck and put out that blaze and save the day!